Discover so many real baby surprises with Luvabella!
From the moment she opens her eyes and giggles, Luvabella will amaze you with her true-to-life facial expressions and personality! The more you play with Luvabella, the more she learns and talks! From baby babble to over 100 words and phrases! Fully responsive, Luvabella will affectionately respond to your love. Get to know all of Luvabella's real baby surprises and take home some Luvabella love!


Love Comes to Life 

Love comes to life with Luvabella! Full of smiles and giggles, Luvabella has amazingly real facial expressions and a personality of her own!  



  Realistic Facial Expressions & Movements 

Her true-to-life facial expressions and astonishingly real movements make it easy to know exactly how she’s feeling! As you play with her, she may laugh, smile or cry! Just like a real baby, she sweetly lifts her arms, turns her head and moves her mouth as she giggles, talks and eats.
  Feed Her

Luvabella comes with four fun interactive accessories, including a spoon! When she gets hungry, you can use the spoon to feed her! She’ll open her mouth and chew as she eats! If she’s very hungry, she may even ask for more! Don’t forget to burp her after every meal.


Over 100 Words and Phrases

Luvabella loves to chat! As you play with her, her baby talk will change to words and phrases! There are so many special moments to cherish with Luvabella including her first words!

  Play With Her 

You can play with Luvabella using her Lamby toy! Hold Lamby’s nose up to Luvabella and she’ll kiss it and make animal sounds! You can use her toy to teach Luvabella new animal words! Playtime continues with Luvabella when you tickle her toes or tummy or play peek-a-boo – she’ll giggle in delight.

  Put Her to Sleep

When it’s time for Luvabella to take a nap, rock her to sleep with the help of her soother or bottle accessory. Place her soother in her mouth and she’ll quieten down. If she’s still fussy, tilt her back and give her the bottle. She’ll slowly drift off to sleep! Once she’s peacefully napping, you can put your ear to her chest and listen to her heartbeat! Sweet dreams, Luvabella.