Meet Ben and follow his exploits as he has fun with the most powerful watch in the universe – the Omnitrix! With the ability to transform into 10 powered up aliens, he’s ready to battle bad guys or maybe just have some fun with his super powers.

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Learn more about Ben Tennyson and his out-of-this-world powers that allow him to transform into TEN different aliens!

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Ben TennysonThe wielder of the most powerful device in the galaxy, the Omnitrix, which can turn him into ten different extraterrestrial creatures, each possessing their own abilities and superpowers! 

Heatblast is essentially "living magma", he has the ability to generate intense heat and fire from his body. Fireproof, heat resistant and also ice-proof and cold resistant!

Composed of thick green crystals, Diamondhead has the ability to manipulate his structure changing his limbs into diamond weapons such as blades  and projectiles.

Four ArmsA humanoid alien with two pairs of arms with four-fingered hands and four eyes. With super strength Four Arms can lift several times his weight and punch through strong materials.