Make a World Out of Beados!

 Beados are the magic beads that join together with just a spray of water! Create cute, fun designs in 3 easy steps - Make, Spray and Display! Beados are the must have craft craze, you are only limited by your imagination! Create Beados characters for your very own Beados world!

Beados Tips & Tips!Having some trouble with your creations? Check out these handy hints and tips!

1. Make sure hands are dry before playing with Beados
2. To make designs even stronger, turn over, spray on reverse side and leave to dry over night
3. Gently sliding a design template under the dried bead design will help to remove it easily from the bead tray
4. Using too much water will make the beads very sticky and will require a longer drying time, try not to use more than 5-6 sprays

Now you can make even cuter Beados creations with Beados Teeneez! Teeneez are small so you can create more adorable designs! Just choose a template, make up your design with the Teeneez Beads, spray them with water and WOW! – You’ve just made a Beados Teeneez!