For all the little nurturers, Baby Born is just like a real baby!Baby Born Interactive comes with a bodysuit and has many lifelike functions like tearing, feeding, drink & wet and is fully bathable. With the numerous accessories included, you can take care of your Baby Born as if it was a real baby: there are a plate and spoon, a potty, a dummy, a diaper and a sachet of baby doll food. Now you can also choose whether you want a Girl or Boy doll!

Download your own Baby Born birth certificate! 

Your Baby Born has so many life-like features! 
1. Your Baby Born can drink from a bottle
2. You can change Baby Born's Nappy
3. Baby Born can be fed with Baby Born porridge
4. Baby Born can use the potty 
5. Your Baby Born can cry real tears 
6. Your Baby Born can move her head, legs and arms
7. You can give Baby Born a real bath
8. When Baby Born goes to sleep she closes her eyes